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New online slots players should understand the difference between the 2 main types of online casino. These different types of software are often offered by the same casino brand.

1. Downloadable casino software

This is the traditional type of online casino. The software is downloaded to your hard disk and you play the casino games much like any other game software.
Often you can play the games for free or for fun when not online, but your computer has to be connected to the internet to play the slots and other games, for real cash.
The casino software communicates with the casinos 'gaming servers' to determine the odds and results of the games, and to get the latest jackpot information etc.

2. Online slots software

Many casinos now allow you to play their games 'live' online, usually using flash based software.
You have to set up an account beforehand, and you can log in from any PC to play the games for real money. The games and odds are exactly the same as the normal downloaded software as the same 'gaming servers' are being used to determine the results.
The graphics and sound are sometimes simplified to allow for faster play.
The main advantages of online flash software is the convenience of playing from any computer.
Disadvantages is mainly the longer times to switch between games - you have to download each game 'fresh' each time you play it.

Some online casinos still use HTML based software instead of Flash - The graphics are VERY basic and there are no sound effects. Best avoided.


We always recommend the traditional 'download' casino option for slots players.
Half of the fun in playing the slots are the flashing lights and sound effects, and a lot of 'atmosphere' is lost when using stripped down online software, together with the time it takes to switch between games.
It takes slightly longer to get started in installing the downloadable software casino, but it is worth it - the gambling experience is a lot more enjoyable.

Most modern casino software downloads now feature a basic version of the casino with only the most popular games to get started - other games are downloaded discreetly in the background each time you play.
This way you don't have to endure long download and installation times.


Recommended software-based casino.

  Roxy Palace Casino UK


Roxy Palace is our recommended casino of the month.
Play all the best progressive slots as well as traditional casino games.


MEGA MOOLAH - One of the biggest progressive jackpots online, is now linked to over 100 different online casino, so the jackpot rises even faster.
Our favorite game to try for this jackpot is The DARK KNIGHT - the official BATMAN videoslot, with fantastic graphical effects and an intense soundtrack.

Gladiator features 50 paylines and a 100 free spins bonus

Gladiator - Ancient Rome is featured in the MG slots before for the second time, after the previously released Glory of Rome slot. The Gladiator game is the first microgaming videoslot with a huge paylines, although to balance this individual wins are worth a bit less. Also on offer is a bonus round with a superb 100 free spins !!
Testing this slot out, we managed to hit the bonus within 50 spins, but it remains to be seen if the bonus will generally be harder to hit than most MG slots. This seems to be the case with the recent 'No Worries' game, which took over 400 spins to get the bonus during a recent session we played.
New slots with huge bonus rounds are great if you get the bonus quickly, but can be dangerous for the type of player who doesn't like to leave a slot until the bonus round is hit. Better make sure you have sufficient bankroll to start off with.. Especially as some of the newer games only really offer the chance for the big multiplied wins during the bonus round, rather than spinning in a single big win.


( For a casino that accepts most US states, we recommend LIBERTY SLOTS )  

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