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Tip - Play like a Pro - maximum coins.

The most important tip you should remember when playing Slots - Identify which symbols constitute the jackpot on that particular game and find out what triggers the biggest jackpot..
Usually hitting the jackpot with maximum coins offers a much bigger prize than the smaller prize available with less coins in play

eg The jackpot might be $10000 for only 1 coin , $20000 with 2 coins or $50,000 with the maximum 3 coins.

This means it is usually sensible to play the most coins possible for each spin.

It is better to play a lower denomination slot with maximum coins, than a bigger prize slot with only half credits

Using the maximum bet willl enable more paylines, which means more ways to win, and probably the only way to win the big money!

Regular Slots or "straight" Slots offer better odds than Progressives.
If you choose a Slot machine with more reels, you often stand to win more money - these tend to be more modern games often with bigger prizes.
The biggest prizes of all are in the progressives, but players usually find that the amount of smaller prizes paid out by such machines is less than the non-progressives. This would make sense as the machine has to compensate for paying out such a big jackpot.


Many players adopt a strategy so that you do not always place the same bet.
Many players use the elastic method, or the up the steps method. This takes advantage of the common player experience that slots wins often seem to come in streaks.

For example, you start by betting two coins and if you win, you can increase the bet to the maximum play. You play maximum coins as long as you keep winning. As soon as you start losing, drop down to a medium size bet. If you lose more, drop to the minimum bet. As soon as you start winning again, increase your coins to the middle bet and up to the maximum bet for as long as your winning streak holds.

It is important to realize the difference between coin size versus number of coins bet.
On a single payline Slot, betting more coins will activate different paytables, allowing for bigger winnings. On multi-payline games, betting more coins activates additional paylines.
Clicking BET MAX will bet the maximum number of coins, but will not affect your coin size.
Coin size determines payout, as paytables always quote in coins. If your coin size is 0.25 ($, £, or €) and you hit a combination which pays 200 coins, you will win 50 casino credits. If your coin size is 5.00, and you hit the same pay combination, you will get paid out 1,000 casino credits!

Another tactic of varying bet size come when you haven't had a bonus win in a while. Generally casino slots come with bonus games - eg free spins with win multipliers.

On average you might win a bonus game every 200 spins or so.
If you have spun 300 spins without a bonus game, there is a feeling that the bonus game is overdue..
Many players take this chance to increase their bet size, hoping to hit the bonus game for a big win.


Some machines only show their credits as 'coins' - not as the real cash amount.
If coin based machines seem more complicated at first, a good way to keep on track is to set the coin size to a multiple of 10 - eg 10 cents or 1 dollar.
Then it is pretty easy to convert at a glance, the amount of coins to an actual dollar amount.

Changing machines after a win.

Some slots players like to leave as soon as they hit a big win, usually after a few more spins in case the machine seems to be on a winning streak
The reasoning seems to be that the slot will probably tighten up again afterwards to compensate,
so you might as well go elsewhere and hopefully find another machine that is ripe to pay out..
This theory shouldn't actually make a difference on real casino slots which are completely random - each spin should have no memory of any previous results.
However it is still a popular gameplay method - maybe it is just human nature to leave when you are ahead, and start fresh on a new machine..
After all, in the long run, each machine will slowly eat your money.. So hopping between machines is a way to try to beat the nature of the game..

Testing the waters

Another common strategy is to test out a few different machines, using smaller coins, when you first login to the casino.
Often players find that some slots are hot on a particular day.
If a slot isn't playing well, then find one that is!

New slots are usually especially loose, maybe to make a good first impression with players !!

SLOTS TIPS - Prolonging your game play session.

Most casino software allows you to arrange the games by jackpot size.
Players looking for a long session with lots of small wins often play the machines with the smallest jackpots - The reason being, they pay out a lot of smaller prizes to keep the payout rates up.
The machines with the biggest jackpots often swallow money the fastest - After all they have to 'save up' for these big prizes..
It's all about risk and reward..

SLOTS TIPS - How to win at slots with bonus money

Sometimes the casino will award you bonus cash, or you may redeem some rewards points.
Generally you will have to play through the bonus cash around 20-30 times before you can withdraw any winnings as 'real' cash.
One tactic with bonus money is to play fewer spins with bigger sized bets than normal.
You really need to hit a big win with the first half of your money, to give a chance in fulfilling the playthrough requirements.
If you get a big win, then switch to lower coin size on small jackpot machines to convert the remaining bonus cash into real cash.


Another tip with bonus cash is to play certain games with have a multi-stage bonus, but don't go all the way and win the bonus - leave the machine one step away from the bonus.

Such games include DIAMOND DEAL, CHIEFS FORTUNE, and TOMBRAIDER - Secret of the Sword.

The games 'remember' what progress was made towards the bonus, when you leave, so you can then go back and try to finish off the bonus game with real cash.

Beginners - How to Play Slots

The beauty of Slots games is that you don't require advanced skills to play, and you can dictate the pace at which you wish to play.
Slots also make for the biggest winners at online casinos, and for low stakes compared to other games!

Although no general strategy is needed to play the slots, beginners should always bear in mind a few worthwhile tips..

The goal is to line up identical symbols on the payline. Often this is the line in the center of the game window, but there can be multiple lines depending on the number of reels offered by the game that you're playing. Only a winning combination of symbols on these lines will result in a payout.
Your only job - hit the jackpot by getting a winning combination on a payline.The payout depends on the amount gambled - the more coins wagered, the bigger the possible jackpot. Often the big progressive jackpots can only be won by wagering the maximum number of coins possible.

Slots games vary in terms of payouts, coin denominations, the number of reels and whether there are single or multiple paylines.

Slots Types

3-Reel Slots
with 1 (Double Magic), 3 (Cool Buck) or 5 paylines (Goblins Gold).

Playing MegaSpin slots is similar to 'working' a whole bank of machines in a Casino, players can bet on anything from 2 to 9 games at once (Double Magic MegaSpin, Fantastic Sevens MegaSpin).

5-Reel Slots have up to 30 winlines for more changes of winning. There are some big jackpots on the 5 reel slots, even on the non-progressive games.

Bonus slots
or Feature Slots
have different bonus games making it more exciting for you to play
The bonus games are usually triggered by getting 3 or more scatter symbols
(Big Kahuna, Chain Mail, Mermaids Millions, Munchkins Video Slot).

Progressive slots are not exclusive to any one casino. 1000's of players across many online casinos can access these machines. As a result they have the fastest growing and biggest jackpots available.
Major Millions and King Cashalot usually have the biggest jackpots with regular payouts of well over 1 million dollars.
Remember, progressive slots have to 'save up' to pay the big wins, so there are not as many 'smaller' day to day big wins as regular slots.

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